Financial Intelligence

Our Financial Intelligence Course is taught in collaboration with financial education and accountancy firm, Account Star.  The weekly classes are not compulsory, but they are highly recommended.

We introduced this course after recognising the need, expressed by both students and parents alike, for a practical class offering an opportunity to learn basic financial concepts. 


There is a significant gap in the practical knowledge offered in the compulsory curriculum in schools. Students studying Higher Maths, Business or Economics at GCSE are leaving school without the fundamental knowledge of managing and understanding how money works.


Our classes help young people understand the powerful influence money has, and encourages them to have a positive and healthy relationship with money. 


Topics covered will include the Psychology of Money (the emotion of spending money)

  • Delayed gratification

  • Money is a tool

  • Money and Race

  • Habits of the wealthy


Throughout the year, we're inviting knowledgeable guest speakers from the world of business and finance to share their experiences with students. They'll be talking about their experiences and business journey, hopefully sparking an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our young people!

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