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Moore Education is a GCSE focused tuition centre, providing students with a comprehensive and tailored curriculum for exam success.

Aimed at students in years 10-11, we place emphasis on ensuring your child is fully prepared for their exams amid the changing curriculum and grading framework. With greater emphasis being placed on exam performance over coursework, we focus on revision skills and necessary exam techniques, which help build confidence, broaden knowledge and ultimately ensure exam success.

Though the changes in assessment are being rolled out across the curriculum, the first subjects to undergo the Department for Education’s reforms are English and Maths.

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In previous years, controlled assessments and coursework could play a key role in boosting the overall English grade, year 11 students in summer 2017 were faced with the pressure of their entire grade resting on exam performance. Added to this is the requirement that all exams are closed book, meaning students must memorise key quotes from three texts and a selection of 16 poems.

In Maths there is a greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning. Rather than having a formulae sheet provided, students must memorise formulae such as Pythagoras theorem, with the overall focus of the exams on higher order thinking skills.


These major changes mean it is vital that students are given extra support outside of school, as often classroom teachers are unable to cover the increasingly demanding content in great enough depth.

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