Moore Revision Classes

How our online school works


We use Zoom for our teaching sessions, and you'll need Google Chrome to join our online classroom.


You'll find all our resources and homework on Google Classroom. To log in, you will need an email address and t's easy to set up a free email account using Google.


Classroom groups

Just like school, we teach in groups.

Year 7/8     Lower KS3

Year 9/10   Upper KS3

Year 11       GCSE


Lessons are taught in one-hour sessions. Teachers post the links to classes 15 minutes before each lesson using Google classrooms.

Once enrolled, students are expected to login for every lesson to get the full benefits of tuition.  If a student can't log-in any reason, the class notes are uploaded within 24 hours.

For more information about Moore Online Revision classes, email us at

We hope that our online revision classes will be enjoyable for your child, but remember, they are here to learn and to help maintain the continuity of their education.


We ask parents to make sure students are properly equipped to participate and join classes on time.

What you'll need

The online classroom works best with a laptop or desktop computer using Google Chrome. Please make sure your camera and microphone is working on your device (laptop or desktop).

We advise that you use a headset with a microphone to eliminate echoes and feedback affecting the quality of the sound. However, if you don't have a headset with an integrated microphone, the lesson will still work. Just make sure you use headphones to stop the audio feeding-back to the other students in the lesson!


You'll also need a calculator, compass and protractor for maths lessons.


And please note that if you're using Apple headphones with a Mac, they may cause an echo.

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