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There are some great free resources on the web for you to use with children and young people of all ages. Sign-up for our newsletter for more resources and visit our website regularly.

The BBC have set-up daily lessons you can access online using the BBC iPlayer app and on your TV if you have the Red Button service and don't have a computer at home.

TTS have downloadable workbooks starting with early years to KS1 and KS2 with separate booklets for the answers. They've added early years and primary activity books with ideas for what to do in the garden.

Looking for curriculum support for English? If you've missed out on our online school this time, you'll find resources for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level on TeachitEnglish.

Audible Stories have made all of its classic children’s stories freely available including stories in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese.

The FitNut programme aims to start young children off with the right habits for fitness and nutrition and have some great short videos available.

Staying active

Try fun street dance for 4-7 year olds on Facebook you need to book a place. For older children why not join an online fitness class, lots of gyms are now offering these and you don't have to use a camera unless you want feedback from the people leading sessions.

For active teens, find lots of free workouts online at the Body Coach on YouTube and if you’re looking for a good fully body work out check out SiBS home workouts from east London-based trainer Andy on Facebook.

Raising boys?

Hear Moore Education’s founder Ziggy Moore on YouTube telling you what you need to know about school exclusions and black boys.

The Manhood Academy Global are running regular online sessions for boys aged 8-12 on Saturday mornings. You'll need Zoom to take part.

The British Museum have gone online, opening up galleries and hosting virtual tours. So have the Natural History Museum, where you’ll find a great selection activities and online exhibitions to watch online.

If you've got a budding entrepreneur at home, check out Ultra Education's kids online entrepreneur camp which runs for a week from 27 April-1 May.*

For the parents

Get access to lots of free magazines including Hello, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, T3, Amateur Gardening for two months with Readly.

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