Tips for home schooling

Parents have across the country been thrust into the role of home educators unexpectedly until schools re-open (possible in September). At Moore education we wanted to give you a few tips to support parents.


I have seen several images on the internet and social media of children huddled around the kitchen table with piles of worksheet more than likely sent by their teacher. Try to take a step back.

Although there is a lot of pressure coming from schools sending kids tons of work, remember you are the parent, and you are in charge! Please do not force children to sit at a desk for more than 3 hours a day. You now have the chance to dictate how and what your child learns, so take the opportunity.

Have fun

Who said learning has to be boring? We all have different learning styles and now is your chance to explore this with your child. Look for organics ways to educate. This will offer less resistance and have more of a positive impact. Maths can be taught when baking cakes, History can be taught through conversation with grandparents on Zoom and Science could be, taking pictures of flowers in bloom on your daily walk.

Make this time count

I know this time of uncertainty can be very stressful for many families; however this may be one of the greatest opportunities we’ve ever have to spend quality time with our children. For the first time in a generation we have the chance to spend unadulterated family time. This is our greatest opportunity to your teach children about their history, values and culture. I doubt we will see another time like this in our life time.

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