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Deeply embedded in the Moore Education vision is the intent to educate young people on essential knowledge, skills and perspective on the world in which they live. 


This goes beyond an understanding of how to pass exams. It is recognition of how it important it is students are prepared to navigate an education system and curriculum which isn’t designed to encourage true independence of thought, a deep and understanding of history, with its implications on present reality and future possibilities or the skills needed to walk a path beyond academia.

Afrikan history at Moore Education

With this is mind, we offer a non-compulsory, but highly recommended course in world and Afrikan History. 

Our Bi-weekly lessons explore the history and impact that Africans from both the Continent and diaspora have had on the world we live in today. 


Through our lessons, we will give our students an alternative worldview, counteracting the narrow curriculum served to our children in school.  

We have found that many of our students have every limited view of their value, ability and potential to be impactful, and much of this stems from the very narrow and filtered knowledge that is imparted through the school curriculum. 


In academic terms, this has a direct impact on how they can interpret and analyse information, developing the key skills they need for GCSE level exams and beyond. Most important, however, is making sure our young people are fully equipped and able to see themselves, and their place within the context of world history.

Topics covered in the course include: 


  • The Moors in Europe 711-1492

  • Afrikan Civilisation from 1000-1500

  • Rebellions in the American 1700-1850

  • The Scramble for Africa – Berlin Conference

We will be also organising a trip in the new year (lockdown rules permitting), with Tony Warner’s Black History Walks. These fun and informative tours offers the opportunity to explore familiar and perhaps unfamiliar parts of London through the lens of Black history.

photo: Eugene Delacroix, The Sultan of Morocco and his Entourage. Portrait of Sultan Abd al-Rahman of Morocco

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