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Ziggy Moore




Mr Moore has been an English teacher for over 10 years, having worked with the most challenging students and consistently delivering positive outcomes.


Mr Moore is an experienced practitioner who is dedicated to raising the standards of all the students he teaches. He encourages students to become independent learners and focuses on enhancing the educational wellbeing of his students.

Mr Bulgin



Mr Bulgin, has taught Mathematics for over a decade mainly in the north London area. 


He completed his secondary education Jamaica graduating from one of the country’s most prestigious high schools,  Wolmers Boys,  before returning to the UK  to complete A levels  and a degree from the University of Westminster. 


A passionate and dedicated teacher, Mr Bulgin is keen to enthuse others with his love of mathematics and problem solving, passing on knowledge to the next generation.

Mr Ali


Mr Ali has  worked as a private tutor after achieving an A* in his mathematics A-Level.

He specialises in A-level and GCSE Maths and consistently helps his  students to achieve the best grades possible.


Mr Ali  is an engaging and fun tutor who makes learning enjoyable,  creating  a supportive environment that allows students to take part in real communication about the subject.


As a result of helping students to understand Maths, Mr Ali provides better feedback tailored to every student.

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